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About SAFE Acrobatics

About SAFE

SAFE acrobatics stands for Sustainable Acro For Everyone. It is based on combine 20+years of worldwide acro teaching experiences of Martin Kvist(Den), Tanja & Ales(Slo), Uwe Satelkow(Aus), Kasper Moritz Nielsen(Den). We envision a world, where teaching acro is as much about bringing the lesson to other parts of your life as it is about fancy tricks, and where it is taught in a safe and sustainable way. 

Our mission is to offer you big and small events, from festivals to retreats, from intensive workshops to regular weekly classes. We want to create a community and toolbox, that support acro teachers, in facilitating, sustainable, joyful connection, between people.

With each event we plan to incorporate principles for smart, safe and longterm acro practice.

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