Becouse of your amazing response with last years smaller SAFEs we decided to offer it again, but still a bit bigger. So here are detailes for next one:

==)Max 80 participants. 9 rounds of workshops, 3 workshops every round. Experienced teachers for all levels.
==)Confirmed main teachers: Verena Lanena, NS Acrobalance, Evan, Erika Brocca, Vera&Aljaz, Tanja&Ales,..
==)Location is at the Sport club GIB which is closer to Ljubljana center.
==)For this event we do not offer any organised food but there are many options around within walking distance.
==)For this event we also do not organise any sleeping options as there are many hostels and airbnbs around in walking distance. There are some limited spots for camper vans next to the training space.
People with money issues can also find some hosting with the Ljubljana acro community.
==) One price for everyone and its 125€ per person for weekend. One day is 80€.


Športno društvo GIB