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Ales Hren

Acrobatics Teacher, Founder

Ales Hren is the weaker part of  «Crazy Slovenian Acro Couple»

He is teaching classes and retreats worldwide and he is founder of the Slovenian Acro FEstival – SAFE and SAFE acrobatics organisation.

For him the essential part about  Acro is building up trust, doing the most challenging tricks in the most effortless way and having lots of fun. He is highly experienced in laying and standing H2H and F2H, but he also love crazy washing machines, whips, pops and icarian. Whatever you need to make your F2H or H2H stable, or if you need a challenge or just a crazy trick, you can learn it from him! 

In his teaching Ales focusses on adapting to his students levels and help them to increase their acro skills. Giving small but important details on the complex movements and encouraging people to take new challenges by respecting their own body and individual level, is his speciality.